Does any one know the name of the novel, written before 1995, from one of the Dungeons and Dragons series, where a girl accidentally wishes to become strong at the start of the novel? I remember that the protagonist is surprised and dismayed to have become strong. I can't remember which realm this was in.

  • I think this is a Forgotten Realms story, I recall a sorceress doing this and being dismayed at the outcome. I just need to find the story..... – Alith Jul 8 '19 at 12:44
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This could be Pool of Radiance, a Forgotten Realms story based on, iirc, an early computer game. The book was first published in 1989.

Shal Bal is the apprentice to a powerful, kindly master who is killed, and she inherits his belongings, one of which is a Ring of Wishes

When Shal Bal of Cormyr's master, Ranthor, receives a message from his old friend and fellow mage, Denlor of Phlan, whose tower is under siege by hundreds of monsters, Ranthor rushes to aid him. Shortly, Shal receives a message from Ranthor via crystal ball, during which he warns 'beware the dragon of bronze'2 and is murdered by an unknown assailant. Shal inherits Ranthor's familiar, a white horse named Cerulean, and Ranthor's various magical items, including a staff of power and a ring of three wishes. However, along the way to the Moonsea, when she wishes she were able to lift a large pack, she is turned into a hulking, seven-foot-tall giant by the ring. In her rage, she wishes she were at Phlan, and is teleported there instantly.

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