All I remember about this anime is a girl and her brother go to a boarding school (I believe) and the girl ends up uncovering a secret. The government is secretly trying to either destroy or control monsters.

She can control this bird-type monster that looks like a phoenix. A guy, probably an adult, who they met on the boat to their new school controls a dog-/wolf-type monster that might have been mechanical.

I watched this probably about 2009ish.

  • So the school controls the dog monster? Or the boat? Ir the adult on the boat? – FuzzyBoots Jul 10 at 12:14

This sounds like Mai-HiME. Mai and her younger brother Takumi take a boat trip to their new school, and Mai discovers she can control the phoenix-like Kagutsuchi.

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    Hi, welcome to SF&F. This looks like it might be the right answer; are there details that match other distinctive points in the question, like the guy with the mechanical wolf-monster? – DavidW Jul 10 at 18:58

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