The Astartes videos that have come out over the past 12 months or so have been amazing, especially the last one. However, there is a lot going on in the very short amount of time, so it can be a little tricky to piece things together.

In Part 4, the Space Marines face off against two Psykers, and in this video, some of the sounds don't really... match up. Specifically, when the bolter rounds explode, and the footfall of the sprinting Marines. Surely these should be far louder. Especially when you compare the roar of the Bolter fire, compared to the party-popper-esque snap of each bolter round that pops in the psychic shield.

And when the second Marine charges, it's already too late before the Psyker realises he's there. Surely, with the massive size and weight of a Marine in full Power Armour would really be a lot louder; loud enough to alert the Psyker to his approach much sooner.

My theory is that these two Psykers are brining out all the stops, increasing their powers in whatever ways they can in order to do their best to stop the Marines. Reducing the area of effect of their abilities, in order to increase the power of them; or shutting down their other senses in order to increase their concentration.

This would explain why, if "hearing" these sounds from the Psyker's perspectives, exploding rounds sound like party poppers and a Marine in full sprint sounds like a 4 year old trying to be sneaky.

Is this the case?

  • I don't think there is any canon that senses are hindered when using psyker abilities. However, depending on what you read I think there is some conflict as to just how power armour operates. I have read some material that says they are silent, some that they have an audible hum, and some that make it sound like you are standing next to heavy machinery. I can not come up with anything to differentiate them from one another except that the armours are all old and some better maintained than others. Regarding the movements it is the same when you read the fluff. – Odin1806 Jul 14 at 18:31
  • I would have to say that some Astartes are more light footed than others despite the bulk of the armours they wear. It is possible the warriors in the video were swift enough to keep their movements silent when it mattered. The last not I will mention is that the Warp is engaged around those psykers and it is possible that noise (and other senses) are dampened when a psyker has tapped into that alternate dimension. There is also the chance that they are hearing daemons in their minds as they operate dulling their senses at the same time... but all of this is educated guesses by yours truly... – Odin1806 Jul 14 at 18:35
  • also, how the astartes run is one of the few things that are inaccurate in the otherwise fantastic series. an astartes would not sprint as humans do like the video but more they propel themselves forward with leaps and bounds. pushing themselves off with their massively powerful legs in a series of leaps. this is also far faster than running. – TerranGaming Jul 17 at 14:56

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