Can anyone help me identify an animated series I remember from the early 90s. Below are few highlights I remember about it:

  • action took place in space and/or planets (for sure there was some shooting with fancy fighter-ships in space)
  • protagonists were a team of people serving in some kind of (military?) organization (some of them used nicknames at least in the dubbed version), but I don't remember anything more specific
  • antagonists had a mother ship from which they launched their assaults (they also had triangle-shaped fighter-ships from which they launched smaller triangle-shaped ships)
  • graphics similar to "Centurions," so nothing too cartoonish and nothing 3D (and I'm rather sure it wasn't anime)

I remember the series because at that time I was hyped about fighter planes and fighter pilots (regardless if it was in space or not).

It's not "G-force" or "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors."

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The triangle-shaped space ships make me think that this was StarCom: The U.S. Space Force.

I don't remember the show, but I had one or two of the toys. According to wikipedia, a few of the characters' nicknames were: Crowbar, Dakota, Cowboy, Slim, Dash, Bandit, and Bronx.

The show ran in the late 80s, but apparently reruns were broadcast in the early 90s.

  • You nailed it! Thanks! – Greg Jul 12 at 19:49

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