I am starting to read John Scalzi's novel "The Human Division". It appears to be made up of thirteen distinct chapters named "episodes".

In the acknowledgments, he praises the cover artist:

Cover artist John Harris's contribution to The Human Division is significant enough that I have codedicated the entire book to him, but I want to acknowledge again his spectacular work for the book and for the individual episodes.

The edition of the book I have is a 19.5cm x 13cm paperback published in 2016 by Tor. Except for the cover on the outside of the book, I'm not seeing any illustrations in there.

While I usually do not expect any graphical content in a novel, I am feeling a tiny little bit cheated right now, especially as the acknowledgments go on to say:

The book would not be the same without his efforts.

What edition(s) would I need to see all the artwork created for the book?

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The Human Division was initially released as a set of 13 chapbooks. I assume he's talking about the covers for each of those chapbooks, which you can see in this gallery; they are all credited to John Harris.

Here are the first 2 chapbook covers as an example of the artwork:

The B-Team, The Human Division episode 1 Walk the Plank, The Human Division episode 2

It appears that prints of some of these may be available from the website of his representative, for example, here is the original art for the cover of episode 6:

The Twin Parliaments of Pyrrhus by John Harris

I didn't initially recognize his work but he's also the artist for Ann Leckie's Imperial Radch trilogy

  • For now, it looks like the original edition as separate "chapbooks" is the safest/most regular way, so I'll accept this answer. With this explanation of why there is per-chapter artwork, I don't really expect there to be a special edition book with all chapters and all the graphics inside. Commented Jul 13, 2019 at 8:55

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