I am looking for the title of a book / series i read many years ago, i have tried google but i just cant seem to get the search right so any help would be great.

The basis of the story is about a young guy who ends up winning the lotto which allows him to get the best health care and in the end transfer his mind to a computer and travel around on a star ship. I cannot remember the characters name. If i remember correctly it was a 2 or 3 book series. If there are any other details that may help let me know what could be useful.

Again thank you.

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There's a chance this might be the "Gateway" series by Frederik Pohl. The first book came out in 1977.

The first book starts with the protagonist winning a lottery which puts the book's plot into motion. Healthcare is purchased, the best is called "Full Medical".

I don't remember the mind transfer into a computer, but IMHO the sequels weren't nearly as good as "Gateway" and I lost interest quickly, so could be a later book.

The series (at least the part I read) mostly deals with humanity's interactions with technology left scattered about the solar system by a race they call the "Heechee", maybe that rings a bell?

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    Thank you so very much.. that was it :) – Pardo Jul 14 '19 at 1:40
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