There's a guy that would do a forward/backward somersault off a big rock/cliff (then "morphs" into his armor) into a large body of water to enter his flying ship (like a spaceship but not for space).

The ship is a combo of a giant robot in the middle of a round/oval "body" with its arms wrapped around the sides and its head sticking out the front. Not sure about its legs and feet.

At some point the operator have the robot eject from the round body to become a stand-alone robot fighter.


This is probably the 1978 Korean cartoon Goldwing as per Sci-fi anime about guy who finds dying alien and gets transformation power through somersault

Young shy orphan Hyun lives with Professor Lee, who is designing a giant flying robot to help mankind. One day, Hyun comes across a badly wounded alien who crashed in a ravine, and he helps the humanoid creature reach its secret hideout. The alien turns out to be a policeman who is hunting an escaped criminal of his own species. The villain is on Earth after having kidnapped the policeman's daughter, and unfortunately he managed to ambush his pursuer. The dying policeman transforms Hyun into "Gold Wing 1": a masked superhero with a computer-steered armor and a robot panther sidekick called "Gold Wing 2". The alien then dies, but not before asking Hyun to save his daughter. He also warns Hyun that the Gold Wing armor can only be used for fighting evil, and that Hyun must keep his new identity a secret or risk losing the suit...

You can see a 'flipping transformation off a cliff' in the following clip:

Found with search terms of 80s cartoon robot somersault

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  • Tnx but unfortunately that's not the one. The character dives directly into the water and swims to his robot-ship...under the water. – The Slick Jul 17 at 17:04

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