I watched an animated sci-fi movie during the early 90s, I have flashes in my mind but could not identify it for years and years.

Searching around by myself, I found some stuff with a bit similar style but not quite the same:

  • Fantastic Planet (La Planete Sauvage 1973)
  • Time Masters (Le Maitres du Temps 1983)

Those come close to it. Maybe Time Masters is closest. But the movie I remember is more surreal, more stylized, and MAYBE has no voice over.

I remember a scene where 3 people were running away from some danger, inside a giant subterranean cavern (probably an alien planet) full of lava, and one of them died in the lava. The other two, a man and a woman, kept going, but before reaching the exit something bad happened, and one of them died (maybe by gunshot, and I can't recall who, maybe one of them was not really a friend to the other but a traitor).

Also I remember someone melting or fusing into the lava, or fusing to someone else, no idea.

I remember white, faceless beings too, and those are present in Time Masters, so maybe some other movie that copied it?

I believe it was not in English language (title and maybe some more stuff during the movie). I mentioned below "no voice over" but maybe there were a few dialogues? The memories are too hazy, sorry!

If any of you have watched the movie Krull, the scene

where the guy who can see the future dies

has a similar general atmosphere to the scene I mentioned on the animation where one of the two people die escaping from the cave..

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