So I read this young adult/teen book a few years ago about a 16 year old girl named Sarah(?) who woke up in an airplane crash I think it was(?) and couldn’t remember anything before the crash. She also had purple eyes which were significant but I forgot why? (I forgot a lot from this book, it’s been a while).

She also turned out to not actually be human, (I forgot what she was, I think she was a humanoid?) and so she falls in love with another one of her kind, who was made by an evil scientist who was out to get her for some reason(?).


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Unremembered (2013) by Jessica Brody? The girl is named Seraphina, not Sarah, though the names are close. A couple reviews mention her as "Sera", hence the recollection, I guess.

From Amazon:

When Freedom Airlines flight 121 went down over the Pacific Ocean, no one ever expected to find survivors. Which is why the 16-year-old girl discovered floating among the wreckage - alive - is making headlines across the globe. Even more strange is that her body is miraculously unharmed and she has no memories of boarding the plane. She has no memories of her life before the crash. She has no memories period. No one knows how she survived. No one knows why she wasn't on the passenger manifest. And no one can explain why her DNA and fingerprints can't be found in a single database in the world.

Crippled by a world she doesn't know, plagued by abilities she doesn't understand, and haunted by a looming threat she can't remember, Seraphina struggles to piece together her forgotten past and discover who she really is. But with every clue only comes more questions. And she's running out of time to answer them. Her only hope is a strangely alluring boy who claims to know her from before the crash. Who claims they were in love. But can she really trust him?

Found with the Google query sci fi book "purple eyes" sarah plane crash android.

  • Where did the 'android' search term come from?
    – Jontia
    Commented Jul 19, 2019 at 17:02
  • 1
    @Jontia I assumed if the girl was humanoid, and created by a scientist, she must have been an android. I got lucky though (it was my first query and yielded the result), because it appears it's more about genetics engineering
    – Jenayah
    Commented Jul 19, 2019 at 23:09

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