When Billy Batson makes all his foster friends Shazam (gives them the power of Shazam) they have different color suits:

Shazam Family

L-R: Pedro Peña (green), Darla Dudley (violet), Eugene Choi (grey), Billy Batson (red), Mary Bromfield (red), Freddy Freeman (blue).

What is the significance of these different color suits? Does each color represent a different quality or superpower?


I haven't seen the movie, but what you're describing reminds me of the alternate Shazam version of Flashpoint. In the Flashpoint world, Shazam (Captain Thunder) is "hosted" by six kids, Billy and fellow foster mates, who each represent one of his powers, as hinted at by the dialogs and the additional pages of issue #4:

  • Eugene: wisdom of Solomon
  • Frankie: strength of Hercules
  • Billy: courage of Achilles
  • Freddie: power of Zeus
  • Mary: stamina of Atlas
  • Darla: speed of Mercury

Eugene and Frankie character sheets

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