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At the end of the USJ arc, S1 E13 of the Boku No Hero Academia anime, there is a splash screen of the backup that was arrived to fight the League of Villains. From right to left they are:

1 - Vlad King
2 - Nezu
3 - Iida Tenya
4 - Cementoss
5 - ?
6 - Ectoplasm
7 - Snipe
8 - Hound Dog
9 - Midnight
10 - Power Loader
11 - Present Mic
12 - ?

I do not recognize and cannot find #5 (the blonde person in the purple visor/glasses), or #12, (the pink haired person in the mask with tubes coming out of it).

Are these characters ever identified anywhere? Or are the just a minor addition for the anime?

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