What is the name of the mecha anime where the hero uses one mobile suit but when the battle gets tough he calls for another suit that comes from somewhere and takes him in?

I saw it on Cartoon Network, not Adult Swim, maybe in the 90’s. I recently remembered some scenes and it has been bothering me. I try to see if that is Mobile Suit Gundam but could not find the exact plot.

The first suit is larger and the second is the size a bit larger than human. The smaller one uses swords and it is fast and agile. It comes when called and after the fight it leaves the hero to return to its place somewhere in space.

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Found it! Ninja robots is its English name. Ninja Senshi Tobikage is the original name.

Now I can sleep in peace. Thanks, guys, you helped me to think deep and then I searched Google Images.

This title song brought back the memory!!

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