In late elementary-early middle school I read this series I got from the scholastic reader pamphlet. I can't remember what it was titled to save my life. It may have had "chronicles" in the title. It read kind of like a generic Harry Potter. It had a magical school that was a castle, but I think it also involved Knight training and quests. I loved it at the time.

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  • In particular, one easy upgrade would be to tell us what year range you were talking about, and whether the book was old or new at the time. If you know exactly what company was producing the "scholastic reader pamphlet", that would also be a help.
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  • @BenBarden: I believe the OP is referring to the "catalogues" put out by Scholastic.
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  • Could it have been The Chronicles of Narnia? It's got magic and castles and children, but only one book involves a (nonmagical) school and only for the first and last couple of chapters. Or perhaps the Enchanted Forest Chronicles: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enchanted_Forest_Chronicles ? A Wizard of Earthsea also features a school for wizards, if that sounds familiar? Two other series that might be what you're looking for are The Chronicles of Prydain or the Caster Chronicles. Jul 24 '19 at 21:59
  • After searching into it, it may have been The Rangers Apprentice. But after reading the plot something still feels off about it. My memories of the series are vague. I keep trying to picture the book cover and visually it's similar to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief cover.
    – Kaylah
    Jul 24 '19 at 22:13

Under the heading of possible conflation of sources, Scholastic Press put out The Secret Kingdom in 2011, first book of Chronicles of the Red King, which is about the ancestor of Charlie Bone, who was sent to a magic school in his first book, Midnight for Charlie Bone.

Cover of *The Secret Kingdom* Cover of *Midnight for Charlie Bone*

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While it doesn't have "Chronicles" in the title, The Circle of Magic series by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald fits plotwise. In the first book, School of Wizardry, we encounter Randal, a squire in his Uncle's household, training to eventually become a knight, who instead goes with the wizard Madoc to learn magic at a school which, yes, is in a castle. The book was first published by Troll Communications (a company that Scholastic acquired), and later, Scholastic published a copy of it.

1990 edition of *School of Wizardry* by Troll Communications 2000 edition of *School of Wizardry* by Troll Communications Scholastic version of *School of Wizardry*

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