The computer's name wasn't mentioned very often during the movie. It had a role like "mother" in Alien.

I think the main character was a mid-30s military woman.

This was a cheaply-made b-movie set in the future but I can't remember much plot.

I saw it at the latest in 2015 and would guess I was made after about 2000.

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This is the TV movie Alien Cargo (1999). The computer's name is actually Shoshoni.

Splash iamge for *Alien Cargo*

In a time when interplanetary shipping is routine, poor judgment is a fatal error. The crew of the Solar System Shipping shipping vessel number 17 runs in shifts. When the second shift awakens from hyper-sleep almost ten months after their scheduled time, they find the ship badly damaged, off course, and missing the first shift. What's more, it's discovered the first shift killed each other. As the plot unfolds, something truly evil is discovered on-board - humans.

Found with a search for film computer shoshone

I can't find a video that's just a trailer, but the full movie is easy to find on YouTube.

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