In the story "The Magic Barrel", does the narrator give any clues that the father (Pinny) and daughter (Stella) are from different religions: Jewish and Christian respectively ?

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Unrelated to SF&F, but in Judaism, you are considered Jewish only if your mother is Jewish, unrelated to your father's religion.

From Wikipedia:

Orthodox Judaism and Conservative Judaism follow Jewish law (Halakha), deeming a person to be Jewish if their mother is Jewish or they underwent a halakhic conversion.

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  • So, Was she really from christian? It's not mentioned in the story "sonny's blues" – yubraj Jul 28 at 14:41
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    You asked two questions, I answered the one I know. If her mother is Christian and her father is Jewish, she is considered Christian. – Mor Zamir Jul 28 at 15:22

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