update: The silhouette now has a page in Wikimedia Commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hughmann_for_scale.svg

The images below are from a NASA Spaceflight forum post and can be seen in @bolsachicagal's twitter and also in this NASASpaceFlight tweet.

Question: Is this human-sized bipedal silhouette on the side of SpaceX Starhopper an identifiable SFF character?

In 2012 SpaceX put a human-sized figure on its Grasshopper rocket but in 2019 this figure on the Starhopper rocket has a distinctly non-human shape. Knowing Musk's sense of humor and tendency to reference SF in naming one-off crafts (usually the ocean ships) I thought this might be an SF reference as well.

This comment under my related but different question What does this humanoid silhouette on SpaceX's Starhopper represent? (we're hoping it's not a "kill marking") shows an image (cropped below) that makes it clear the figure is human sized, but it looks more like an action figure to me.

enter image description here

above: cropped and zoomed from below; below: from a NASA Spaceflight forum post and can be seen in @bolsachical's twitter Click for full size

SpaceX Hopper @bolsachicagal SpaceX Hopper @bolsachicagal

enter image description here


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