I’m looking for a short story from a White Dwarf Magazine circa 1990’s. It is Warhammer Fantasy based.

I remember two human fighters (mercenaries) travelling and meeting an old man with a child. Oldman was a wizard and was going to kill the child to give everlasting life.

I lost all of my old White Dwarf Magazines moving many years ago and the short story just stuck with me.

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    You might check this website. It has all the magazines (covers and indexes of contents) and you might spot the story your looking for. index.rpg.net/…
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The Magician's Son by Barrington J. Bayley, from White Dwarf #136 (1991).

"There are ways to become immortal. There are Champions of Chaos that live in the realm of the Chaos Powers, but They are no longer human. You can become a vampire, one of the undead, but that is like a living death. No, our friend wanted to enjoy life forever as a normal human, to stay reasonably young indefinitely. Well, there is a foul way to do this. Every time the adept begins to age, he must sacrifice a child and absorb its youth, its life forces, into his body. But not just any child will do. It must be between six and twelve years of age, and the same sex as the recipient. Most important. the operation will not work at all unless the child is the magician's own child." Mucnchbek's eyes smouldered. That's why Semperphilius was always so anxious about the boy. It was his own life he was protecting!

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  • I've taken the liberty of adding a quote from the story along with the magazine cover (which should, hopefully, jog the questioner's memory).
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    Note that in the future it would be best if you could explain how the work matches the OP's description though. Whilst the name is the most important aspect, a description makes it into a good answer and really helps.
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