Space Wolves have been decimated in recent years with Wulfen curse, Daemonic incursions in Fenris system etc.

What is the current state of the Chapter and is the knowledge of the Wulfen curse now known to the rest of the Imperium?

  • I know that since Guilliman's return as of M42, the Vlka Fenryka have been supplemented with Primaris Marines despite the Primaris not being "true sons of Fenris". Primaris Marines are apparently just as susceptible to the Wulfen mutation as their Fenrisian brothers, though, so at least Guilliman probably knows about it. Their current status as far as I'm aware is that their numbers have stabilized and are in preparation for the supposed impending Wolftime based on certain portents of the Rune Priests. But I'm not 100% on the Wolves' most recent history, so I'm leaving this a comment. – SpaceWolf1701 Jul 31 at 13:03
  • @SpaceWolf1701 are you sure about the wulfen mutation? At least one curse (the blood angels one) doesnt seem to affect the primaris of the appropriate order (as far as I'm awaer) – Thomas Jul 31 at 15:57
  • @Thomas According to the WH40K wiki, several groups of Space Wolves Inceptors fighting alongside the Wulfen somehow "caught" the condition during a battle with the Dark Eldar on Smelter's Heap, so that suggests that the Primaris are susceptible to the condition. But on the other hand, the WH40K Lexicanum site says that while the "curse" of the Wulfen seems able to infect other Space Wolves (cites War Zone Fenris), the new Primaris Marines aren't susceptible (cites Space Wolves Codex 8th Edition), even though that doesn't make sense if Primaris Inceptors were affected on Smelter's Heap. – SpaceWolf1701 Jul 31 at 18:49
  • Yes, there are recorded cases of Primaris marines becoming Wulfen. "The Curse of Russ" (Unknown Date.M42) - Ulrik the Slayer proposes that within the Primaris Marines, the key to curing the Wulfen's curse may be found. But he is soon proven wrong. Whilst purging a Drukhari raiding party on the mining world of Smelter's Heap, several packs of Inceptors fighting alongside the Wulfen succumb to the bestial affliction. – Cherubel Aug 5 at 6:44

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