It was years ago, and I was born in 2002.

It starts with a fat kid with an infinite chocolate bar supply in his pockets. It turns out his friend, who is the protogonist of the movie, got a wishbook. In a later scene (the movie isn't chronological and each chapter is divided by a PowerPoint slide. Funny Quentin Tarantino rip off!) the kid gets a wishbook and after asking for a instruction leaflet. He gets a giant house sized instruction book and then he asks for a simplified version that is a fingertip dictionary sized version that simply reads "Make A Wish"

The movie also have a smart blackbox that can change shapes and be any tool which has a consipiarcy big corporate cliche etc. A scene with a microbe obsessed crazy scientist and his son living under a isolated house where they finally get out and try to not breathe the outside air only to realize the outside air is fresh.

Thats all I remember.

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    Can you be any more precise with when you may have watched this, or when it may have been released? I'll have a stab at looking for this anyway, but anything you can do to help narrow it down would be appreciated.
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    Commented Aug 3, 2019 at 15:59
  • @F1Krazy all I remember is I was young and besides my mom would pirate movies back in the day for me altough we had DVD's like The Voltron etc. I dont remember much about the past. Commented Aug 3, 2019 at 16:00

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This is probably Robert Rodriguez's Shorts

In a gambit that seems designed to amuse the filmmaker more than his audience, the story is divided into five "shorts," which are presented out of order. The central character is grade-schooler Toby "Toe" Thompson (Jimmy Bennett), who lives with his overworked parents (Leslie Mann and Jon Cryer) and disdainful teenage sister (Kat Dennings).

Toe appears in all the stories, but several of them feature other families in the Thompsons's Texas subdivision, Black Falls. It's a newfangled company town whose residents all work for the same man: greedy, tyrannical Carbon Black (James Spader), who markets a shape-shifting PDA that can do, well, almost anything. (Battery life is lousy, though.)

For no reason the movie bothers to imagine, the suburb is suddenly blessed with a magical alternative to the PDA: a rainbow-striped rock that grants wishes. Shock, chaos and mild hilarity ensue as the object passes through many hands. Some people make their wishes carelessly; others idly wish without knowing that the rock will fulfill their request.

Friendless Toe wears braces and is tormented every school day by a gang led by Carbon Black's daughter, Helvetica. (She's played by Jolie Vanier, who might have been cloned from the Addams Family-era Christina Ricci.) Toe and "Hel" contend for the rainbow rock, which is ultimately seized by the girl's father. He, of course, needs to learn a few lessons in humility and humanity.

As the tale hops forward and backward, the magic stone falls temporarily under the control of adventurous Loogie (Trevor Gagnon), who summons crocodiles, cobras and a pterodactyl. (His surname, by the way, is Short.) The rock also creates a Ghostbusters-style monster out of nasal mucus excavated by Nose (Jake Short), the son of a germophobic scientist (William H. Macy).

Found with a search for film wishes instruction book germophobe scientist


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