I was in a chat room discussing who would win in a fight between Andrew from the recent movie Chronicle and a young Anakin Skywalker. They trumped me by saying that the SW characters never used TK with as much precision as Andrew, like ripping teeth out of a mouth. Once again Wookieepedia has failed me. Does anybody know of examples of precision telekinesis used in Star Wars canon?

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Jedi Healer Cilghal saved Mon Mothma's (at the time, Chief of State of the New Republic) life after Ambassador Furgan from Carida poisoned her with a "nano-destroyer" poison, by extracting - with the help of the Force - the nanoparticles one by one.

I think this is a wee more precise than moving a tooth :)

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    Also, Yoda did tell you "Size matters not!" :) Actually, I vaguely remember that exact line being used by Luke on Cilghal to help her figure out how to heal Mon Mothma Commented Aug 9, 2012 at 0:51

The force can affect individual molecules. As a concrete example, take the sith mask technique:

A Sith Alchemist could use the Mask to literally reshape an individual's appearance, altering a body at the molecular level.

I'm quite certain there are other examples in the Star Wars extended universe, but I don't have my books here to find them.

  • If someone wants to look up the final battle between Jacen Solo and Onimi, I believe that might mention it.
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Anakin Skywalker does a fair bit of precision when he uses TK to cut up the apple pear and move a piece to Amidala in the films.


Disney Canon:

The construction of a lightsaber requires pinpoint precision, as seen in the Clone Wars episode,

"The Gathering"

Additionally, Luke addresses the skill required in the Force when constructing a lightsaber in the new canon book "Heir to the Jedi":

aligning those crystals by hand would be impossible - I sensed that it had to be done with the Force, and only through the Force would I know whether it was aligned properly or not. They were wafer-thin slices of crystal, too, a beautiful clear amethyst, and might scratch or cloud with handling. Moving them precisely with the Force would ensure that they remained pristine.

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