The newly released video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses features the main locale as a monastery that acts as a school. Within this school are the titular Three Houses: Black Eagles (red and black), the Blue Lions (blue), and Golden Deer (yellow).

Now there are obvious parallels here, not just in the idea of 3 school classes which students are “sorted” into (which is known to be something traditionally done in English boarding schools), but the colors and animals of the classes themselves run a very close resemblance.

Is there any word from the developers or directors of this game that these ideas have a connection to the Harry Potter series?

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    If you look at a Colour Wheel, "Yellow" and "Blue" are almost opposite each other, which makes them easy to tell apart. The (British) primary school that I attended had 4 houses: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. This was before the "Harry Potter" books existed - however these are very distinct colours, so it was easy to tell who was on which team in our house-coloured sports kits. A nearby school had 5 houses named after Knights - again, their kits were coloured Red, Green, Blue, Yellow... and Purple. – Chronocidal Aug 8 at 16:25

According to the Toshiyuki Kusakihar (company director at Intelligent Systems) there's no connection with Harry Potter.

RPG Site: So, let's talk about the school side of the game... what was the thinking there? Was it inspired by any other school-based stories? The comparisons that seem most common among fans is to think of Persona or Harry Potter as a point of reference...

Kusakihara: In truth it's not from Harry Potter, or Persona, or anything like that - it actually links back to an older Fire Emblem. Back a long time ago, we developed a game for the Super Famicom called Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. When you look at the story, the three characters were from a monastery - they were friends, they worked together - and then they have to go to battle against each other. That's almost the same plot as that older game, if you look at that. So we had the image of this old game in mind before - that's maybe our most significant influence on this project.

Fire Emblem Three Houses interview: Intelligent Systems & Nintendo talk bringing the beloved strategy RPG series to Switch

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