I remember a sci-fi show/movie as a child where a kid/teen and a generic hero traveled to other planets. One was a mushroom people one, another was a giant people one, can't remember more. They were always followed by a dark red robot/suit. This enemy at some point was revealed to be the real good guy, just when he removed his helm. I think he was a black guy. The whole time, he had been trying to save the kid from the other guy. Then, he helped the kid and fight the false hero. Can't remember more.

If someone know something about this please tell me.

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    We dont know when you were a child.... Give us an Idea how long ago this was or a decade... (ie 70s)
    – NJohnny
    Commented Aug 10, 2019 at 6:02
  • Saw it at 90's, may be same decade or 80's.
    – Archaon
    Commented Aug 10, 2019 at 6:15

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Josh Kirby... Time Warrior! a 6 movie series.

The series concerns a device, found by humans in the 25th century, called the Nullifier. This device is said to be capable of destroying the universe. Realizing the danger, a man called Irwin 1138 splits the Nullifier into six pieces, which are then dispersed through time. However, a scientist called Dr. Zoetrope finds out where the pieces are located and, with the help of his time traveling armor, sets about reassembling the device. Along with 20th century teenager Josh Kirby, and a half-human warrior known as Azabeth Siege, Irwin 1138 sets about thwarting Dr. Zoetrope's plans.

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