I read a Harry Potter fan-fiction a while ago where Harry perfects a sweet potion. I vaguely remember the potion being called "Fairy Floss" or something like that. I'm pretty sure it was either Drarry or at least Slytherin Harry. It was multi-chaptered and pretty long, I think.

The original potion was a children's candy most people above the age of 5 found unbearably sweet and Harry tried to fix it so it was nicer.

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wait, just found it! Damn, 2 days searching and when i finally give up there it is. It's Lost for love by Queen MiMi of Wonderland.

turns it it was actually a Twin-who-lived Tom/Harry fanfic - i remembered this one much better than i thought, just didn't remember that this scene belonged to it. it is unfortunately incomplete.

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