Just completed the trilogy and although I liked it, there were a few oddities. Maybe I am remembering it incorrectly but when Quinn Dextor left Lalonde on the Lady Mac he was still Quinn Dextor, although he seemed to have possessed talking to him. Marie Skibbow recognised him as Quinn in the bar before they left.

When he was in his bunk on the Lady Mac he was tormented by the possessed but he certainly hadn't been taken over by one.

The next time we see him torturing Grant on Norfolk, he is clearly possessed as he overcomes his possessor.

So, when did the possession happen?

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Quinn is possessed on Lalonde, from memory he's the first human to be possessed.


Because he's stronger willed than the spirit that possesses him (also crazy, sadistic, and able, and cheerfully willing, to psychologically torture said spirit into submission) he maintains a larger degree of autonomy than most other possessed individuals who come later. He can use the abilities that come from possession without being wholly under the control of the spirit from beyond so he acts as if he weren't possessed much of the time while in fact he is.

All possessed hear the voices of other spirits from beyond trying to get back into the world and are variously effected by them.

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