Talking the opening scene where they fight the renegade Borg on the outpost. Something all of a sudden causes Data to be angry. I take the hint to be the guy who says every biological organism. As though he's holding something to lure Data.

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During the rest of Descent, we learn that

Lore has set himself up as leader of these Borg, who became disconnected from the collective due to Hugh (from the previous episode, I, Borg).

He is able to

give Data the ability to experience some emotions by sending a carrier wave that affects Data's positronic matrix.

As NKCampbell pointed out, this is addressed in dialog:

LAFORGE: Data, listen. Lore is controlling you. He's transmitting a carrier wave which is affecting your positronic matrix.

As Troi points out earlier,


only seems to allow Data to experience anger and hatred.

TROI: Data, all I'm sensing from you is anger and hatred. Have you felt any other emotions?
DATA: There are no other emotions.

We later see him adjusting this while in conversation with Data, and the effects it has.

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    So was it a signal sent by Lore to the outpost that managed to somewhat trap Data?
    – user114025
    Aug 19, 2019 at 17:20
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    Yeeees... in the sense that someone is "trapped" by drug addiction; it's an "emotional" trap — literally, in this case — rather than a physical or moral trap. Lore, who can feel emotions, somehow broadcasted that ability to Data. (Possibly modified to make it more addictive, since Data clearly goes through withdrawl when Lore "dials back"; a problem that doesn't seem to effect Data when he has the real emotion chip, as we see later in e.g. ST8.)
    – Matthew
    Aug 27, 2019 at 16:29

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