I am trying to recall a movie I'd seen circa early 90's (via a pre-'tweenified' Disney Channel) and what I recall of it involved kids on a beach or some kind of coast discovering a magical creature (not a mermaid, sea serpent or anything like that, but I want to say it was definitely more like an animal) and are trying save it/return it to the ocean(?), so maybe it was bordering on being eco-conscious as well.

What else I know about it that it was early 80's (for some odd reason, 1983 screams out the most) and that it was European, more specifically I want to say Scandinavian (and I've tried looking for Sweden, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands... Don't think it'd be from either Greenland or Iceland).

  • Finland and the Netherlands aren't Scandinavian ... and did you forget Norway?
    – Rand al'Thor
    Aug 25, 2019 at 14:04

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This may be The Water Horse, a pleasant story of discovering a foundling magical being... and basically having fun.

The date is 2007, however, and the milieu seems to be Scotland.


Magic in the Water might be what you're looking for. It came out in 1995. It's about a couple of kids who discover a lake monster named "Orky" is real and the movie has an environmental message (the bad guy is dumping toxic waste into the creature's lake). But it was set/made in Canada, not Europe.

Here's the trailer that was included on a bunch of VHS releases at the time:

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