I read this book in Dutch in the early or mid-nineties.

I believe the plot had to do with a human male landing on a planet where catlike aliens had to travel around the entire planet where heavy winds were blowing regularly. They use their tail with a hook on the end to move forward in heavy storms.

Two of the feline aliens have sex at one point by interlocking their tails.

The title was something like Aurialis/Auriolis.

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    Ailouros is the Greek word for "cat," so that was probably the basis on this book's title.
    – Buzz
    Aug 25 '19 at 23:24

Coriolis, de stormplaneet, by Gerben Hellinga

On the planet Coriolis, an incessant storm with wind force ten rages, the trade storm. Plants and animals have adapted to this condition. Coriolis is inhabited by the osborks, feline predators, who communicate through their thoughts. Kazazi Bogdan Siliqi is a female osbork; she is sentenced to a circumnavigation of the world as a Follower of the Trades. On the way she meets a human who has made an emergency landing on Coriolis. They befriend and together they try to survive amidst all the dangers that nature and the other Osborks have in store for them.

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