In various media, we have seen Superman occasionally use a mechanical form of transport, more for its anti-Kryptonite protective properties than for travel. Most instances of this have been pre-Crisis however. Most notable would be the late 70s to 80s "Super Powers team" cartoon era. The only other detailed reference to a multi-use vehicle would be in the animated series, where Clark was able to repurpose the ship that brought him from Krypton into a functional transport.

I was wondering if there are any instances in the Post-Crisis comics where he has some special signature vehicle he uses and what it or they may look like?


While the Super-Mobile is primarily a pre-Crisis device, it's made a couple (semi-whimsical) appearances post-crisis, mainly as meta in-jokes

From Wiki -

A few different versions of the Supermobile are seen protecting a futuristic Ivy Town in All-New Atom #8. The classic design of the vehicle can also be seen atop the sign of Funky Flashman's used automobile dealership (which also contains a lot full of Batmobiles from various media) in the fifth chapter of the Doctor Thirteen serial "Architecture and Morality" in Tales of the Unexpected #5.

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    Thanks, man. can you provide some scans of those? – Russhiro Sep 3 '19 at 22:04

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