Well here's a weird one for ya.

On a not very good kids show called WordGirl there was a villain named 'Chuck The Evil Sandwich Making Guy' whose head appeared to be a sandwich with a pair of goggles around his eyes, I never really could tell if his head was a sandwich or if it was just a helmet. Does anyone know? Here's what he looked like.

enter image description here


According to Liz Breen, the show's associate producer, he has an actual sandwich for a head. The why remains elusive.

Q: I've been meaning to ask, why is Chuck part-sandwich? Every time he eats a sandwich, or when he ate that one shaped like Wordgirl, isn't he being cannibalistic?? >XD

Liz Breen: Oh my God, Karen. You can’t just ASK people why they’re part sandwich.



According to villains.fandom.com, yes, his head is a sandwich.

Chuck's most distinguished feature compared to the other antagonists is that he has a sandwich for a head, and it appears to be an inherited trait since his brother Brent also has this feature. However, it has not been shown if his mother also shares this trait, since she is never seen.
source villains.fandom.com

This is backed up by some other internet sources but they could all be quoting from the same anonymous source.

The closest thing I could find to a canon source comes from nhpbs.org.

In this clip, WordGirl and Huggy are held captive by the Evil Sandwich Making Guy. He has a sandwich for a head and mustard and catsup on his utility belt. He uses hot dogs to tie up WordGirl and Huggy.
source New Hampshire Public Television

Word Girl is a PBS Kids show and NHPBS is a PBS affiliate.

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