I have always found the Star Wars Universe intriguing and except for a few "picture books" and some of the kids' books I haven't actually read any of the books. Today, I was trying to determine the order in which to read the accepted canon (EU, G, the works - essentially anything that connects to the books or ties into them).

I have read a few lists (some are linked below). But does anyone have a list that I could use to start at the beginning (farthest canon pre-BBY, to farthest post-BBY).

Thanks. In case it matters, I care about reading more chronologically than about specific factions.

The Verge

The Book Smugglers

Edmonton Public Library

Side note: I have just decided to start actually digging deeper in this Universe, so if my terminology is incorrect - please feel free to correct me or ask me for more details in order to phrase a better question.


I also found this other question "Where to start with Star Wars Books" and while it has some great info, it doesn't really answer my question in terms of chronology.