I have recently purchased the Illustrated "Fantastic Beasts" book (yet to be delivered). I am planning to buy the "Harry Potter:Page to Screen > Creature Vault" book as well (the purple one)

enter image description here

Do these two books have the same content ? From what I am assuming, Creature Vault may be aimed at the creatures they show in the movies and should revolve around the process of movie making (I have the artifact vault and am assuming basing on that book) .. "Creature Vault" costs a bomb and I don't want to purchase it if the content is similar to the fantastic beasts illustrated version.

Please let me know if the two books are different or little intertwined ?


There's an almost complete flip through of both books available on Youtube;


As you can see, there's certainly overlap in the content (they are, after all referencing much the same material) but the illustrations appear to be different.

enter image description here


enter image description here

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    For the record, ASMR flipthroughs are weird and slightly creepy. – Valorum Sep 6 at 11:47
  • wow ! i didn't know these videos of the books existed, ill skim the video ! (and yes, they are a bit creepy :D) – Anu7 Sep 9 at 7:56
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    thank you for this, i saw a bit of the video and went ahead and purchased the creature vault .. Its a fantastic book, has additional creatures ( i mean from the movie perspective even the owls were included) - has the whole thing from a movie and technical and creative department perspective ! – Anu7 Sep 12 at 7:33
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    @Anu7 - Nice! Now I expect you to read it obsessively and use it as the basis for lots of questions and answers – Valorum Sep 12 at 7:36
  • yes ! all i can read up will keep buying and reading :D – Anu7 Sep 17 at 9:07

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