In the comics, did Clark as a boy ever attend Christian Sunday School (or any religious schooling) growing up? You would think that this would be probable given it's a small town in America, and the amount of Christian imagery juxtaposed over Superman in various media.

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I haven't found anything explicit but in Action Comics Issues 848 and 849 Clark has a bit of a battle with faith and in it we get some insight into his early life in Smallville. In Issue 848 we get a few flashbacks to Clark as a child and in some of these we see him going to church.

Action Comics 848 flashback panel showing Clark going to church
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In Issue 849 he stops by Smallville and has a talk with his mum and dad about when he stopped going to the services and mentions he was 14 at the time.

Action Comics 849 Clark talks to his mum about stopping going to the services

Action Comics 849 Clark talks to his mum about stopping going to the services
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Lastly, to "confirm" what religion Clark actually is/was we have an interview with Elliot S! Maggin, a previously long time writer for DC and Superman comics. In an interview he mentions that Superman is a Methodist.

BB: Do you see Superman as a man who prays and\or worships God regularly? If so, what would the Man of Steel pray about from your perspective?

ES!M: I give all my characters religions. I think I always have. It's part of the backstory. It's part of the process of getting to know a character well enough to write about him or her. Jimmy Olson is Lutheran. Lois is Catholic. Perry is Baptist. Luthor is Jewish (though non-observant, thank heaven). Bruce and Batman are both Episcopalian and I said so in the text though it was edited out erroneously. Clark – like the Kents – is Methodist. Superman is something else, but I never did buy all that Kryptonian "Great Rao" nonsense. I do think Superman essentially adheres to a kind of interplanetary-oriented Kryptonian-based belief system centered on monotheistic philosophy, and I've got some ideas about it that I haven't yet articulated other than as backstory. I think Superman is too humble to ask for things in prayer, but I think he prays by rote, and constantly, the way some of us talk to ourselves in the shower.

Fanzing, Interview: Elliot S! Maggin

I think putting all this together we can assume Clark probably went to Sunday school but we can't say so 100% without any explicit evidence on the matter.


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