Looking for this anime or cartoon from the 80s or 90s. I last watched it in around 1999 and it already looked old then. Sci-fi genre with cyberpunk feeling. Has elements of family, coming-of-age, romance, epic conflict. Futuristic and set in space. Often landscapes include gigantic mechanical spheres like planets and domes.

Protagonist and his family are all these robots with elongated heads(almost like egg with pointy side up, faces almost teardrop shaped) their skin metallic and grey. Protagonist rides on this surfer-board looking mechanical hoverboard at fast speed through gigantic metallic structures.

Overall mystical and deeply dramatic feeling of suffering. Enormous sense of scale both in terms of distances and in terms of the size of the megastructures.

Watched it on mainstream TV, don't remember which channel, but it was broadcast in a Saturday morning segment together with children's cartoons like Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics. It was a TV series. The style was 80s/90s Japanese animation. It was dubbed.

The main protagonist was a male robot, slim and almost fragile looking, not military or Evangelion like. The size of a human. In love with a female robot of the same race and physical characteristics. Saving the female was a major part of the story. No hair. Only clothing I vaguely remember is a cape.

Robots are fully sentient with emotions and expressiveness like humans. Seemed like Shōnen anime.

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