In the real world we have a nuclear hazard trefoil and a biohazard trefoil. Apparently in Charles Stross' Laundry Files universe there is a thaumaturgy hazard trefoil.

Quoting from The Concrete Jungle:

I reach in and carefully pick up a silver locket on a chain; there’s a yellow-and-black thaumaturgy hazard trefoil on a label dangling from it, and NO PULL ribbons attached to the clasp

Are there any images depicting it about? From the book cover, or maybe from a tie-in game, or even some fan art that the author has said "looks about right."

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    A thing I've wondered about myself when reading the LF. It sounds very similar to the nuclear one – DannyMcG Sep 8 at 17:50
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    @DannyMcG - It's much more like the biohazard symbol – Valorum Sep 8 at 20:37
  • Does The Concrete Jungle have another title? I can't find it in the list. – sueelleker Sep 10 at 7:57
  • It is a novella that is sold as part of the The Atrocity Archives (which is two books: The Atrocity Archive, and the Concrete Jungle), but at various points it has been made available as a stand-alone novella. – Lyndon White Sep 10 at 8:15

This image is from Charles Stross' official Merchandise site

enter image description here

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    But... Copying the shape of the biohazard symbol completely defeats the whole process that was taken to produce a unique and distinct symbol. :-P Not that you're at all wrong (have an upvote) but I object to the failure of imagination. – DavidW Sep 8 at 20:59
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    @DavidW - Except that it's all eldritch and wibbly-wobbly – Valorum Sep 8 at 21:08
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    But from a distance, or through smoke or with your glasses out, it's not distinct enough. I know Stross specified "trefoil" in the text (even though a five-sided figure would have been a better choice), but it should at least have been a completely different shape. Pointy, possibly, definitely without the inner circle. Maybe pairs of tentacles grasping an eye... Just radically different in overall shape. – DavidW Sep 8 at 23:27
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    @DavidW that might be the goal -- if civilians spot it from afar and stay away thinking its a biohazard, that's still mission accomplished with minimal information leakage – muru Sep 9 at 4:29
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    Disappointing design – theonlygusti Sep 9 at 12:35

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