In TPM we see Obi-Wan use Qui-Gon's lightsaber to defeat Dart Maul. In AOTC Anakan and Obi-Wan are thrown a couple as they have had their own taken away or destroyed, and in ANH and TESB Luke uses the last lightsaber used by Anakin.

So, ‘a lightsaber is suited to its creator’ aside, what became of lightsabers with no owners?

For example, a Jedi dies of old age/natural causes, would his lightsaber be property of the Jedi Order and be used in training or carried around as spares as in AOTC?

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    there was a "sharps" container at each Jedi temple.
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In Legends, some lightsabers were requested for museum exhibits about the Jedi. If they weren't requested for a museum, Jedi with families (mainly the Green Jedi of Corellia and some other variant traditions) often had theirs returned to family members.

A friend of his came here, bringing Nejaa [Halycon, a Green Jedi]'s effects home. He apologized for not having Nejaa's body.... He also didn't have Nejaa's lightsaber. He said the Galactic Museum had asked for it for their Jedi collection.

-- from I, Jedi. This is partially a reference to a scene in the earlier-written, later-set The Krytos Trap where, indeed, Nejaa's lightsaber turns up in a museum collection dedicated to memorials of noteworthy Jedi.

Most Jedi don't keep in contact with their families, of course; in those cases I would imagine that their lightsabers are passed to Padawans or peers, but I don't have a citation for that off the top of my head.


In Legends it is mentioned in the comic Star Wars: Jedi Council: Acts of War Issue 4 that the lightsabers of fallen Jedi are sometimes hung in the Jedi temple "if it is worthy".

Micah dies and asks his lightsaber be hung in the temple

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