I’ve been searching for a long time now and I am not able to find the right cartoon. I remember a SciFi cartoon series where a bunch of humans travel with their spaceship and find a planet where dinosaurs are still alive.

I found Dino Adventure Jurassic Tripper so far and I'm pretty sure that it was a spaceship and not a normal ship. Also I think it is more realistically drawn.

Long time is about 20 years ago and I found it on a special German tv channel. It was in German, but it wasn't a German show. It looked like a series from the 80s or 90s. As @SQB suggested it is not Dino-Riders and it was a more subtle approach - so it was not over the top with armored dinosaurs or something. It was just a few humans "stranded" in a tropical environment discovering dinosaurs and defending themselves against the threat of being eaten.

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    As well as the previous comment you might also like to look at our story id guide to see if there is anything else you could edit in?
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  • No cave men, I assume?
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  • Cadillacs and dinosaurs is set in the future and satisfies the dinosaur requirement, but I don't remember spaceships.
    – lfurini
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  • Dinosaucers has both dinosaurs and spaceships; the dinosaurs are intelligent and anthropomorphic but can revert to their primitive state; still, I don't think this fits with the "survival in the wilds" theme.
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  • I'm searching for the same one! I remember watching it in the very early 90s (maybe around 1990-1995) in Australia however I believe it was an American voiced cartoon made in the 80s). The plot was some people on a space ship that's gone back through time to Mars millions of years ago when it had people and dinosaurs. The ship crash lands in dense jungle. I remember a scene where they save a girl from a t-rex like dinosaur before being captured by martians.
    – Alloy Andy
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OP has indicated that this is not what they're looking for.

Could it have been Dino-Riders?

The Valorians (superhumans) and the Rulons (humanoids) fight each other on a pre-historic earth, with the help of technologically augmented dinosaurs.

It was a short lived TV series that was aired first in the late '80s.

A screenshot of the Dino-Riders cartoon, showing a Rulon on a T. rex


I was looking fot the same description and i think i found it. In german it was named: Der Planet der Dinosaurier

Wikipedia says this came out in 1995 and describes the plot as:

During an excursion with the marine club, a group of children is transported to what is later revealed as the planet Noah, a strange world that holds both human inhabitants on the scientific level of the Middle Ages as well as various types of dinosaurs. They quickly make friends with talking Pteranodon Zans and Manua, an inhabitant of Noah, who helps them out on more than one occasion.

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    The English-language title of this is Dino Adventure Jurassic Tripper. The OP mentioned it in the question and didn't seem to think it was what they were looking for. Commented May 24 at 20:36

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