I've been trying to place this story for a while now so hoping someone can help.

Setting: Fantasy, various main characters have elemental themed magical abilities (one has fire magic, another water etc)

Main plot points: A sleight of hand magician/entertainer is hired to pretend to be a prince(?) who has fire magic. I can't remember if this is a decoy situation or if the original is missing. I remember there was a lot of conflict between the characters factions including assassinations attempts (see below).

Memorable scenes: I distinctly recall one scene where the main character was in his rooms and one of the other characters tried to kill him by summoning a globe of water around his head to drown him. He was able to escape by using a tube/straw to breathe.

There was a ritual that needed to be performed by putting the persons blood onto a stone, the people who had hired the main character were worried about this but he dismissed their concerns by explaining he would have a vial of blood up his sleeve and pull the cork with some string.

I think there was a character in the book who was a bodyguard and the highest ranked duellist in the kingdom, but fought with a great axe (though I may be confusing an entirely different story here)

Other details: This was an English language book (not translated that I recall), that I'm fairly sure I read at least 15 years ago.

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"Blood And Honour" by Simon R.Green. It's in the Forest Kingdom series. The prince he is impersonating is ill (being poisoned, but they don't realise this for a while). The other princes, his brothers, have Earth and Water magic.

  • That certainly looks like it, thanks! Commented Sep 17, 2019 at 12:19

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