The Underworld franchise gives a modern twist to the war between Vampires and Werewolves, aka Lycans. Here, these species aren't "supernatural" in origin, but more a biological or evolutionary curiosity, stemming from a sole progenitor: the 5th century War Lord Alexander Corvinus, the "first true immortal". Due to some type of ancient virus that ransacked his home, thousands of humans died. Corvinus was infected, but his body somehow altered the virus, making him healthier, giving him great strength, possible limited regeneration and longevity or what we would know as "biological immortality".

His offspring, three sons, inherited his immortal gene; his twin sons Markus and William Corvinus would be bitten by a Bat and wolf respectively, becoming the first Vampire and Werewolf. William was never able to return to his human form, and all he infected by him were transformed into Werewolves who lost their own humanity. It wasn't until sometime later tha t a human-form werewolf was born to a female; this was Lucian, the first "true" lycan who could shift his form and control his powers.

This was shown in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. It's there we learn that Lycans were then used as slaves to keep the vampires safe during the day, and that feral first-gen werewolves were a threat to both humankind and vampire, which the vampire clans had to fight and hunt.

In most of the films, though, the Lycans seem to be the stronger, hardier immortal species; they can fully shift into new forms, and are stronger in their human forms, as well as capable of shifting at anytime they will in, and walking in the daylight.

This being the case, i wondered: What are the different abilities, and thus advantages to being a Vampire, compared to being a Lycan?

Markus had the ability of flight, but that does not seem present in most Vampires. Their senses and strength seem lesser than most lycans, as well, and they are weak to sunlight; only in terms of "relative agility" [they are generally smaller, thus easier to maneuver] do they seem to be somewhat superior to their lycan foes.

Aside from immunity to silver, are there some other benefits to vampirism that lycans do not possess?

For instance, do they need to drink less blood? Do they heel more quickly? and are there any canonical entries to support this?

  • They seem to be less aggressive with better impulse control. Also, does dress sense count? – Valorum Sep 26 at 6:29
  • @Valorum Again....HA! I'd buy the impulse control based on ROTL showing their feral history, but not so much modern day lycans; there are enough impulsive Vampires who jump into battle the same way. Hell, Viktor was arguably more destructive when he cut lose than any of the lycans. Aggression, though.... I think that comes down more to personality, from what we have seen. – Russhiro Sep 26 at 14:25

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