Enterprise NX-01 uses phase and plasma cannons as well as torpedoes. NCC-1031 also used cannons throughout the series, until Such Sweet Sorrow part II. In fact at the Battle of the Binary Stars, both Federation and Klingon fleets were using cannons.

Battle of the Binary Stars

While Memory-Alpha states the Discovery has phaser banks they never seem to be used.

However in Such Sweet Sorrow part II NCC-1701 was clearly using her phasers (photo):

Enterprise aft phasers

When did Starfleet begin using phaser banks as a primary weapon?


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The NX class had plasma cannons as it's primary armament, when their arsenal proved inadequate, they upgraded the armament to the new "Phase cannons" and by the 23rd century phasers were invented. Phaser rifles were introduced at sometime before 2265, Phasers onboard starships sometime in the he 23rd century.

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