In the Thrawn series, we learn that in order to navigate the hazards of the Unknown Regions, Chiss ships use special navigators that are Force Sensitive.

Called Skywalkers in Chi'un

This sounds very similar to another sci-fi universe. In the Dune universe, navigators are special humans that take a lot of spice and can get a bit of precognition, which allows them to navigate foldspace.

Did Zahn and the Star Wars story team acknowledge this as an intentional node to Dune, or is it a happy coincidence?

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    It wouldn't surprise me, I think both series had some pot-shots at each other along the way. There was a line in one of the Dune books that described a person who was fond of cheap imitators as a "three-PO" (because three cheap imitations of popular products in the Dune universe started with "PO"). – user25730 Oct 1 '19 at 23:19
  • My guess would be that there are older references as well. Which one the Star Wars creator(s) had in mind, if any, would require a direct statement by Zahn. – o.m. Oct 2 '19 at 4:58

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