This is a show/TV movie I saw in the early 2000s, and it may have just been an episode of a larger show. For all I know, it may be famous. I only remember a few scenes and that it was quite similar to Alien.

The crew starts off doing their routine, until they get a call from a beacon and are instructed to retrieve it. When they get it into the ship, they find out it is not an alien but a prisoner that was in stasis in a coffin-like pod filled with a green liquid.

The prisoner starts picking them off, with one getting their neck sliced and another getting sucked out of a garbage chute and exploding. Another is killed with an axe. The last two crewmen, the black captain and female officer, are ready to kill the prisoner. At this point, the woman turns on the captain and shoots him, and the prisoner also dies. She gives a monologue about how she survived, and it is amoral and mind-screwy. Cue credits.

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    Was it of high quality, or was it a low-budget, crappy ripoff? – Stormblessed Oct 2 '19 at 3:55
  • About the quality of an ok TV movie I think – Bruhment Oct 2 '19 at 3:56
  • See our great guide for some recommendations to improve this. Great question! – Stormblessed Oct 2 '19 at 3:58

Possibly season 6 episode 14 of The Outer Limits title "Abaddon".

Black captain, female crew, prisoner, murders and The Outer Limits is usually somewhat mind screwy, your mileage may vary on amoral though.

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