About 18 or so years ago, someone gave me a science fiction collection book and I no longer have it, but I remember a specific story about a guy traveling through space with a pilot that was a white-furred chimpanzee that could talk. The pilot of the craft was exceptionally suited for navigating the "e-space" (or "h-space") lines that allowed travel between different parallel universes. In one instance they woke up in this giant forest of cylindrical shapes - and came to realize they were miniature and looking up at the room from the fibers in the carpet. Sound familiar to anyone?

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Part of the Uplift saga by David Brin. At least some of this happens in the third volume of the second trilogy, Heaven's Reach, I'm not sure if the carpet incident was in the second or third book.

The uplifted Chimp, Harry Harms, was not originally white-furred (and he had no tail), but extremely weird quantum effects in E-level hyperspace do strange things to travelers.

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