I'm trying to recall the name of a zombie movie I saw a couple years ago. I can only remember snippets, but I remember that the people who succumbed to the (airborne) disease would show symptoms.

In one scene, a character was laying dead on the floor and then a couple minutes went by and she opened her eyes and looked at the person next to her and then attacked.

I also remember a scene in an apartment building a zombie man was in an apartment and the character was on the hallway and the zombie looked opened the door and chased him.

I also remember they had to make it to the beach because they believed the winds there would hinder the disease.


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carriers_(film) 2006 or 2009. The plot is some what similar as they go to the beach and want to start a new life. There are several places they visit, so it might be one of the scenes you mention. I saw the movie some years ago, one of the few with zombies and traveling to the beach.

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