Generally the attempts at hard science fiction in this film were very impressive, as were the sociological aspects. I honestly found it difficult to find plot holes. The realistic treatment of time scales was a breath of fresh air in a genre filled with FTL magic. Through the many obstacles, most questions about science and technology were suitably answered. But the one thing I never heard mentioned was

why the ship never received nor transmitted one communication to or from Earth or Mars.

The poem does show these attempts:

we spread the call-sign Aniara wide
in glass-clear boundlessness, but picked up nothing
Though space-vibrations faithfully bore round
our proud Aniara’s last communiqué

The ending absolutely floored me, and explains why eventually this would be impossible. It seems that at some point it would allow some kind of plan to be developed.


It was stated at the start of the film (as part of the general worldbuilding in the first act) that communications with both Earth and Mars would be suspended for the duration of the voyage.

"All communications systems will be down until we've reached our destination".

No specific reason is given for this, but it would appear that it has something to do with the ship's drive systems (hinted at later in the film) rather than anything to do with damage to the ship during the accident.

In the original poem it seems to be handwaved away as part of the accident;

We lay in dead space, but to our good fortune
the gravitation-works were still in service,
and heating elements as well as lighting
were not disabled.

Of other apparatus some was damaged
and other parts less damaged could be mended.

Our ill-fate now is irretrievable.
But the mima will hold (we hope) until the end.

or maybe just as part and parcel of the way in which the ship moves through space, via the magic of "field egression".

Goldonder [Spaceship] Aniara shuts, the siren gives the wail
for field-egression by the known routine
and then the gyrospinner sets in towing
the goldonder upward to the zenith light,
where magnetrinos blocking field-intensity
soon signal level-zero and field-release occurs.

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