The excellent Sci-Fi show 'The 4400' was canceled abruptly after what some may consider one of the most interesting and open-ended cliffhangers in the series history:

Essentially half of the population of Seattle and some unpopular cast members die from a promicin overdose spread by a "The Naked Time"-like disease. The other half of Seattle and most of the surviving non-promicin powered regular characters gain random amazing powers.

Did René Echevarria or Scott Peters give any interviews or leave any notes about where the series was headed?

Is there any information about what was planned for Season 5?

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    I seem to recall a recent rumour about this going into a comic book to tie up the loose ends.
    – HorusKol
    Mar 3 '11 at 1:12

According to Wikipedia, The 4400 - Books, there are some books set after the end of the series. I haven't read them, but I'd check those for a continuation of the cliffhanger ending.

edit: According to this (maybe spoilers for the books?), the last 2 books are set after the cliffhanger.

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