In Despicable Me, after being defeated, Vector is shown standing on the moon wearing a space helmet of some sort. Is he, after that scene, dead, elaborately explained into surviving, or just never mentioned again?

Is there any information, from the director/writers or official stuff based on the film, as to what happened to him after this scene?

  • Vector reappears in the video game Minion Rush. The game is apparently set after Despicable Me 3 and Vector appears as a boss level baddie. Does that count? – Valorum Feb 12 at 6:59

According to the "AVL Files", provided as an extra on the Despicable Me 3 Bluray, Vector is alive on the moon. This is, however, presented in the form of an urban legend.

"At last report he was still stranded on the lunar surface. And it's said that on a clear night, looking through a telescope, Vector is still visible as a roaming orange dot"

It's worth noting that the Anti-Villain League do consider Vector to still be alive ("Active") as opposed to presumed dead.

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