In Eureka we see that in the beginning of the series they have small 'advanced' (at the time) phones. However, as the show moved on, the real world experienced the smart phone revolution. Why didn't Eureka top this by having 'smarter' phones? Did the production team ever comment on why the phones never changed?

  • Oooh I have such a lot of discussion I want to do around this general topic but nowhere is suitable :/ Basically, my view is that its become harder to "wow" with technology over the years, so shows dont generally bother with the smaller details any more (for example, in STTOS everything was fantastical, but 20 years later it all looked very very dated and the look and feel was updated for TNG, which actually generally still looks fresh and modern today, 30 years on, when you ignore some stuff like tablets etc - a peak happened imho, and now we are on a plateau of believability). – Moo Oct 24 '19 at 20:17

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