I remember in the book the hero lives in a world where nano-technology is widely used. He himself comes into possession of a nano-tech suit that plays the role of body armor, and (I think) even a means of space travel.

I know for sure the hero is stripped of all his wealth, and force to live outside the controlled society. This is as close to a death sentence as the legal structure of his world allows.

I remember that those in the slums use banner ads (which are quite literally physical banners) for warmth. He eventually reshapes the slum society and rebuilds his wealth.

Any ideas?

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That's certainly John C Wright's, The Golden Age, which is a trilogy. I think you're actually remembering the second volume, The Phoenix Exultant. It contains all of the plot elements you mention above.

  • That's it! Thanks. I remember the first book now, don't think I ever finished the trilogy so now I've got three books to read. Aug 18, 2012 at 17:30

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