I can't remember a fantasy movie I watched when I was young, but I can recall a group of strange persons. One is deaf who uses a cone to enhance his hearing. And another is a strong man who hurls cannon balls. And there is a flying ship. It may be a 90s or 80s movie.


Took me forever to find an image of the guy with the ear horn... but pretty sure this is The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, from 1988.

enter image description here

The titular baron is a teller of tale tales, and in his stories has a travelling group that includes some pretty strange but talented friends, among them Eric Idle. He is actually telling his tales to a theater putting on a play, while the city outside is under siege.

  • And the cannonballs? – Valorum Nov 2 at 22:53
  • 2
    @Valorum - Uhhhh... Dunno really. Idle's character had the ball and chain, and cannonball riding was in there. Not finding a perfect fit there. But I really need to watch the movie again. – Radhil Nov 3 at 0:41
  • 4
    @Valorum, like Radhil said, the Baron rides on cannonballs. And another of his companions is a very strong man, who are one point throws a wrecked ship though the air, which is I suspect the OPs reason for thinking of flying ships. This movie was my first thought, too. – Xavon_Wrentaile Nov 3 at 1:19
  • This link could help the op define if this is the movie he is referring to: dangerousminds.net/comments/… – Dzyann Nov 3 at 10:46
  • After the climactic battle, the jubilant Albrecht (Winston Dennis) picks up a very large cannonball on the beach and tosses it straight up in the air. A couple of seconds later he catches it, loses his balance and falls laughing to the sand. – Beta Nov 3 at 19:36

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