Classic cartoon about kids kidnapped and turned into mute slinky skinny lizard like humanoids. They had like kinda like the momo faces.

This was like 80's 90's made into a TV special. I think the boys ran away or were kidnapped in a carnival but were later turned into this slinky creepy looking humanoid lizards who couldn't talk.

  • Reminds me of a similar scene in Pinnochio where boys who ran away to the Land of Toys were transformed into donkeys. – Spencer Nov 3 at 15:11
  • exactly , its something like that but the boys were turned into these slinky skinny looking lizards but they couldn't talk its pretty scary , i saw an emote last night that reminded me of it wish i can post it here to see if it refreshes anyones memory i was looking all over google but google has become less of a search engine and more of a suggestive click bait thing , but i hope someone finds out what cartoon it is , – Logan X Nov 3 at 22:04
  • static.cambridge.org/binary/version/id/… they had this face , they couldnt talk and they kinda wobbled funny when they walked , hope that helps a lil they were i think green also newt lizard like – Logan X Nov 3 at 23:30
  • Was this actually live-action, and not a cartoon? The image you link to is live-action. – Spencer Nov 3 at 23:54
  • 1
    the link was just a sample of what the salamender skinny humanoids looked like , the link i posted was from an actual live action claymation thing but i used it as an example because i dont see an option where i can post the emote i saw that reminded me of that old cartoon , im still looking for it and i cant find it , all i remember is they had that face and they moved funny slinky but the spell wouldnt let them talk so no one would know they were actual kids – Logan X Nov 4 at 4:37

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